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Meet The Team

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Total streams > 23,000,000

In-house Mixing/Mastering Engineer for Symphonic Distribution

Pre/Post Sound Engineer for companies such as Google, Universal, and Netflix.

On-Site Post Audio Engineer for Circa Music (clients such as Universal, Sony, Nike).


Good shit. Good people.

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Total streams > 50,000,000

Credits: flipturn, Midcitizen Mgmt., Coca-Cola, Symphonic Distribution

Bachelors in Music Education // Florida State University

I’m here to make dope shit.

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Total streams > 20,000,000

Event Coordinator for large events such as The Boss gala, Guava Tampa, Canvas, etc.

Co-Founder of Tampa's Art Incubator

Hey world, my name is The Ani-Me'. I am the sound engineer for the Stereogram Florida division. My job is to capture, enhance, and frame the imagination. I have over 10 wonderful years experience in doing so. What started as a passionate pass-time has propelled itself into a rewarding career. What I do, however, is not as important as to why I do it. I am an artist, myself. To me, music and art isn't a means to expression but the ends to it. I believe to be an artist is to live life consciously, to be aware of the nuance and fine detail of everyday experience whether that be internal, external, or existential. When we put pen to paper, or sound to board, we are not capturing what is new, but rather what is there. And so, I believe what better compass in life can one have than through the eyes, ears, fingers, and mouth of the artist. I have simply dedicated myself to be a means to that end. That end being Art. One can even say it's a hART felt endeavor, haha... No? Ok... Yeah... 

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